What Japanese restaurants can teach you about positioning and marketing

1. The humble beginnings

Coca Restaurant was established in Bangkok, Thailand in 1957. It is famous for its authentic Thai cuisine, and particularly, “Thai-suki,” its signature dish, which is a Thai style hot pot. Coca Restaurant is known worldwide. […] Coca started from humble beginnings as a small Cantonese restaurant with only 20 seats. Using a Chinese style hot pot, its owner, Mr. Srichai, discovered “Thai-suki.”

2. The secret sauce

“Thai-suki” is a “freestyle” hot pot that allows you to enjoy your favorite ingredients in the order you that you like. Here are the secrets to its taste.

— The secret Coca sauce, with its spicy and tangy flavor, is certainly at the heart of Thai-suki’s popularity.
— Everything that goes into a Thai-suki meal is of the freshest quality.
— The texture of the fish cakes and meatballs imported from Thailand is amazing!
— You can enjoy the dish in two ways; after you cook your favorite ingredients in the Thai-suki soup, you can then add rice to create a rice gruel dish from the savory stock!

3. Experience over results

How to eat Thai-suki

— Select your favorite ingredients from an abundant list of seafood items, various meatballs, vegetables and meats.
— Fill in your order form. (About 4 or 5 dishes are suitable for one person.)
— Cook the ingredients in the hot pot.
— Dip the ingredients in the spicy Coca sauce and enjoy!
— Finally, cook some rice or spinach noodles in the delicious soup stock.

4. Feel right at home

Mr. Kojima, the owner of Coca Restaurant Japan, first encountered Coca Restaurant in Bangkok approximately 15 years ago. At that time, aware of the global health and fitness trend, he was inspired by Coca’s spicy and exciting cuisine, which was also not heavy or oily. The moment he tried the food at Coca Restaurant, he fell in love with the concept. He was so excited to work with Coca that shortly thereafter, he visited their headquarters unannounced.

Since Mr. Kojima was not on the schedule that day, he was turned away. However, he did not give up. One week later, he was able to arrange a meeting with Mr. Pitaya, the owner of Coca Restaurant. Mr. Pitaya wanted Mr Kojima to somehow show him a sign that he was truly passionate about working with Coca in Japan. In order to show his commitment, Mr. Kojima quit his day job at a large Japanese trading company and quickly established Coca Restaurant Japan.

5. Focus over all

Thai-suki was first brought to Japan in 1992. At that time, few people knew the dish, let alone how to eat it! It was a big mystery! However, there is a saying; “once you try Thai-suki, you’ll love it.” And that is exactly what happened. Thai-suki became a hit because of its delicious taste. At our Coca restaurants, you can come with your family and friends and enjoy Thai-suki in our friendly and relaxing atmosphere.



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