Remote job board performance: Best job boards and their ROI

Photo by Tim Mossholder

Job boards we tested

We published the a Senior Full Stack Engineer posting on ten different job boards:

The job description

For reference, this is the job description we published. Needless to say, your performance may vary depending on the exact position you’re trying to fill.


I posted the exact same job offer on each site, with basic add-ons (yellow highlight, company logo) where available.


VueJobs led to the largest number of applicants (25+), followed by Remote OK and Remotive (20+).

Return on investment

VueJobs had the lowest price per applicant ($17), closely followed by Remotive ($18), and RemoteOK ($28). Other job boards were more than $49/applicant.

Application timelines

Applicants from the more performant job boards like RemoteOK, and especially VueJobs and Remotive, continued to drip in throughout the month that the posting were up.

What are your results?

Quality data is sorely lacking in this space, and hundreds of thousand of dollars must be wasted by startups randomly paying for postings and fancily named add-ons on job boards across the web.



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