Reflection on a childhood of travel, and being raised in cultures distant to my own

Day and Night. M.C. Escher
Metamorphosis III. M.C. Escher

How did you overcome the language barriers?

Spoken words are not the only way to communicate, and the sooner you learn that, the better you’ll be at fitting in in foreign cultures. Being in a foreign language environment in preschools wasn’t easy, but I learned to deal with it through assimilation, and imitation.

Metamorphosis III. M.C. Escher

Was it difficult to make friends with all the constant changes?

If anything, the experience taught me how to make friends faster, and be more open to people outside my social group.

Metamorphosis II. M.C. Escher

Would you wish to have experienced a more traditional childhood?

I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to grow up in a small community, go out for coffee with the same group of people all my life, speak one language, and enjoy the unexciting, but familiar status quo.

Metamorphosis I. M.C. Escher

Is there a place you call home? What is your identity?

I believe everyone is better off staying clear of labels, and forging an identity of their own.



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