Beat the hiring odds with these 5 steps to insightful reference checks

Photo by Hannah Wei

How to get the most out of reference checks

Reference-check continuously

Be respectful of people’s time

Always go beyond the list

Get an even mix of references

  • Peers can give you feedback on how well the candidate fit the company culture and gelled with the team. Avoid talking to friends and close colleagues though, as they’re unlikely to be as impartial.
  • Managers will have insight into how well the candidate handles feedback, their work ethics, and skill.
  • Direct reports are often more biased, but they can share their first-hand experience with the candidate’s mentorship and leadership skills.
  • Replacement hires who took over the candidate’s role are more likely to speak out and can give you a feel of the state in which the candidate left their previous team.

Ask for weaknesses indirectly

What kinds of people does the referenced need around him/her to be successful?

What are you waiting for?




Founder | Cross-pollinating between industries and cultures. | Nomad entrepreneur 🌎 designer 🌸 hacker 💻 |

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Philip Seifi

Philip Seifi

Founder | Cross-pollinating between industries and cultures. | Nomad entrepreneur 🌎 designer 🌸 hacker 💻 |

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