No amount of interviews or online research is enough to truly know someone. That’s why even top companies have a hiring failure rate of 30–50%.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to radically improve your chances of success.

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Photo by Hannah Wei

If you’ve travelled in the pre-internet era, you’ve probably been in this situation:

You walk past a travel agency and lose yourself in the glossy posters. You imagine yourself all alone on the pristine beach in Phuket, meditating on a peak in the Himalayas, and galloping through Wadi Rum.

Perennially overworked, you decide to finally go on that overdue vacation, and take up the agent on their 5★ packaged deal… only to find yourself in a room with a broken toilet, next to a crowded beach, in a city with traffic jams that make you long for your work commute. …


Philip Seifi

I align design, tech and business to grow delightful products. | 🦄 Open to PM opportunities. |

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